About Me

I am just a Normal Person like you, and these are the steps I took to Online Success…

I am nothing special. I do not have special talents that can propel me to success, nor do I have an extremely rich family whom I can sponge off. What makes me special is my Ambition!

Bare-naked-marketing-Jack-CaoMy Ambition has brought me to many places, both physically and mentally, and most importantly, I’ve found the route to be financially free without having to work for anyone else if I chose to.

You see, I was born and raised by an average family who lives comfortably in a 3 Room Flat in Singapore.

My parents have always preached that I should study hard, find a good job, and settle down. So, in their financial dictionary, there is no such word as “Freedom”. They have to work all their life, and even now, at their golden years,  they are still working. I’ll give them credit that they love their jobs.

As for me, I am a lazy person. I do not like to work for other people, but yet I want to live a comfortable and carefree life and travel around the world. I know there is always a trade off, to achieve something in life, you have to work extremely hard at it.

So, here I am, working hard to be lazy in the future…

WARNING: This is my life story and it may get boring…

My Journey to Success

Well, I can honestly say that it is not an easy journey. Since young, I always wanted to be successful, having lavish cars and houses, etc., but I didn’t know where to start.

Start-JourneyThe trigger point for me to start my journey to success is after I read this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“. It has taught me how to think like a rich person, and it has shown me several avenues that I should look into to be rich.

Trading in the stock market, investing in properties, doing sales, are just some avenues that the book has taught.

I chose to be a salesman because I thought that trading in the stock market requires a huge capital to make a substantial income, investing in property is almost impossible without capital, and doing sales requires no capital.

My Salesman Journey

So, I joined an insurance company, Prudential Assurance, right after my national service (Army – well, in my country it is a requirement under the law that every Singaporean man have to go through national service).

Sales-JourneyI was successful during my first few months, but it all went south when I became complacent, and also because I found a new direction and interest which is stock trading. I’ve used the money generated from selling insurance to start my trading business.

At the same time, I joined several Multilevel Marketing Companies like World Ventures and Forever Living. You can read my unsuccessful journey with those companies by clicking on the links I’ve provided.

My Stock Trading Journey

I left Prudential Assurance after a year to start stock trading. It was exciting and I was happy that I could do something that I love.

I picked up lots of books like “Trading for a Living“, “Japanese Candlesticks“, “Intelligent Investor“, and even went for a course that cost $3,000, yet I lost almost half of my capital in a day.

Stock-Trading-JourneyI was distraught and wanted to give up on everything and follow my parents’ direction. So I picked up studying again, and because I like stock investing so much, and have not given up on that dream, I went to pursue my degree in Economics and Finance.

I was studying part-time while working as a Share Registrar which allows me to be closer to stock trading, and to support my personal expenses. I’ve bought shares along the way, some were making money and some weren’t, but all in all, I made a small profit but that wouldn’t allow me to retire.

After working for a few years, I know that this is not the life I wanted. I started to look for other opportunities online.

My Online Opportunity Journey

I came across a way to make money selling things from Amazon, all I have to do was to create a website, post links from Amazon and when someone buys a product through that link, I make a commission.

Online-opportunity-JourneyBut, I got stuck after a while because no one was coming to my website and I didn’t know how to reach out to people. I closed down the website thereafter, and I couldn’t even remember the name of that website.

I found another opportunity, Empower Network, which I soon found that it was a waste of time and money as I have to spend almost $5,000 on training which may probably lead me to nowhere. I’ve been in and out of many online opportunities and spent a lot of money on those programs, and got scammed.

There are so many scams online and it is really hard to determine the legitimate ones.

I Finally Found the Avenue of My Success

Whilst researching on Empower Network, after being scammed, I came across this program which promises to provide a step-by-step training to create an online business, and it is unlike other scams that guarantees success.

I felt that the program genuinely wants to help me succeed. I was immediately attached to the program because of its honesty and sincerity.

Best of all, it is free to join as a starter member, and I could see what exactly I am getting into before paying any money. This program is unlike others, and I am certain it could be beneficial to me.

I thought since I’ve wasted so much money on scams, why not taking another leap of faith into this. So, I went on to become a Premium Member and worked really hard on completing the tasks that were given in each lesson.

I’ve Finally Made it!

The journey to make my first dollar online was not as easy as it seem, and definitely not easy like what most “Gurus” claimed.

I’ve sacrificed a lot of time and effort on my online business and neglected my wife (then my girlfriend), luckily she understands.

I’ve to wake up at 5am every working day to work on my online business till 7am when I start preparing for my day job.

When I got home and had my dinner, guess what, I started to work on my online business again.

Success-JourneyI was living and breathing my online business, and after 3 months of tireless work, I still didn’t receive a single commission.

At that point, I was tired and worn out. I wanted to give up, and there is where I thought, my entire journey till now, I haven’t been successful, if I quit at this, I mind as well give up on the hopes and dreams of being financially independent.

That is what hit me and got me going again. I knew something was not right and I started to reach out to other members of the program and even seek help from the owners of the program.

They guided me along and I finally got a breakthrough in my life as well as on my online business. I made my first dollar online on 24 April 2014.

That is the best feeling you can ever get to know because your online business that you’ve single-handedly set up is finally working!

My Proof?

I have shared my income proof for the 1st quarter of 2015 on my other website.

I’ll share with you my most recent results below:

April 2016

WA-Results_Apr 16

Infusoft-Results_Apr 16

That’s $3,646.60 in April 2016.

May 2016

WA-Results_May 16

Infusoft-Results_May 16

And, $4384.40 in May 2016.

Though I am not rich yet, but I have a good chance of finding Financial Independence without being employed.

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

I know this is a standard interview question, but have you ever asked yourself what you want to achieve in the next 5 years? I’ve always ask myself this question and it motivates me to find my success.

So, have you thought about it? Would you want to let life control you or would you want to take control of your life? The road to success is hard, but it gets easier when you found the way. If you chose the easy way out, it may be easy at first, but life gets harder when you are older.

The choice is yours.

The world ain’t no sunshine or rainbows, it’s a mean and nasty place, and no matter how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. It ain’t about how hard you get hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Sound familiar? Yup! It is from Rocky Balboa:

I would also like to share with you a video that is very dear to me. I’ll always refer to that video when I am down and out:

Purpose of Bare Naked Marketing

I’ve created this website for one sole purpose, that is to help you find your success with Online Business.

As you can see, the contents written on this website are my knowledge and experience gathered in one place. It covers many areas from Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, etc. Best of all, it is free for you.

However, I wouldn’t recommend that you scour through my website and create your business on your own, because I know many individuals who have done that and failed. You need a structured step-by-step training to get you started and when you need help, you can come to my site to look for answers.

So, if you are ready to get started, join me here.