Understanding Your Customers Intimately

Believe me, offering your products online is not as simple as just putting products in front of your customers and expecting them to buy.

Most often, your customers would not even bother about your offer if it doesn’t appeal to them.

And, that is why you need to write an offer that will compel your customers to buy, “An offer that they can’t resist”, and it all starts with walking in your customer’s shoe.

You need to understand on an intimate level, the problems that your customers are facing, the reason(s) that made them want to look for a solution in the first place, and the fear that is stopping them from achieving what they want.

There is a mechanism behind writing a compelling sales offer, and this is what we are covering in this article.

Why should you Understand your Customers?

If you have studied any form of sales or marketing, you would already know what I am talking about.

Everyone-loves-to-buyHeard of “The greatest salesperson on earth is one who doesn’t sell” and “Nobody wants to be sold, but everybody wants to buy”?

Both sentences sound contradicting but they hold a whole bunch of truth.

A great salesperson offers a solution to a needy customer, and the customer will not feel that she or he is being sold, becaise the need has been fulfilled.

Imagine you are a wealthy young chap with a family of 5 and you wanted to buy a luxurious car to provide comfort for your family.

Two car salesmen approached you on different occasion and they both promoted different cars to you.

The first salesman offered a slick 2 seater convertible sportscar that is driven by many celebrities, and the other offered a 7 seater space wagon. Who would you buy from?

The salesman who offered the 7 seater space wagon has taken the time to understand the needs and wants of the customer, you. And, I think you would’ve bought from this salesman as well.

The other salesperson only thought about his personal interest, selling the nice looking sports car that will allow him to hit his sales target faster.

So it  boils down having a great understanding of your customers, but how?

How well do you Understand Your Customers?

To be able to connect to your customers on a personal level, you have to understand them thoroughly by answering these questions:

* The examples are hypothetical, and it is for explanatory purpose only.

The Questions



  1. are your customers?
  2. are you in the sales copy?

My target customers are mostly males between the age of 30 to 50 years old, who are facing a lot of stress which resulted in Hair loss.

In the sales copy, I will be an expert giving advice to my potential customers. I am an expert not because of my medical background, but because I have walked the path of my customers and I know the pain an agony that they are facing everyday


  1. are the top 3 fears of your customers?
  2. product are you selling and what will it do for your customers?
  3. guarantee do you provide?

My customer’s fear would be (1) loosing confidence due to hair loss, (2) Fear of not being able to attract their spouse if they are bald, (3) fear of being judged by co-workers.

The product, Hair Growth Pill (hypothetical product), and after 10 days of use, my customers will be able to experience hair growth that will make them look 10 or 20 years younger (the “Transformational benefit”), or else, our customers do not need to pay us.


  1. will the Sales Copy run?
  2. will the customers most likely buy?
  3. is the best time to make this offer?

Because the product is not seasonal, the offer should run all year round – Some products like winter wear can only be promoted effectively during the last quarter of the year.

My customers will most likely buy when they have decided that they want to regain their confidence.

As most of my customers are parents, the best time would be during the holiday season (June or December) when they will take the time off from their work. That is when they will have the time to self-reflect.


  1. can you find your customers
  2. will your sales copy run?

Male between the age of 30 to 40 are most IT savvy, so they will most likely source their information on how to cope with hair loss through search engines. The elder customers will most likely read news paper, health magazines and listen to health related radio stations.

So, my sales copy will be advertised through search engines like Google Adwords and Bingads, and will also be in newspaper, health magazines and radio stations.


  1. do you think your product suits your customers?
  2. taking action is better then not?
  3. must your customers buy now?

 “Receive before you pay”, that’s our company’s Motto. We are so confident of our product that we want our customers to benefit from it before they pay for it. If our product doesn’t suit our customers, we don’t want their money.

What do our customers have to lose? So many of our existing customers have already benefited from our product and we are sure our prospective customers will too. We will use sentences like “Stop sulking over your lost hair and do something about it! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!” to get them to take action.

Because our offer WILL NOT RUN FOREVER, we want our customers to act now. We will use sentences like “Before the demand of our product shoot through the roof and we raise our prices, you have to act now.”


  1. will your product change your customer’s life?
  2. do your customers contact you if they have any questions?
  3. will your product be delivered to your customers?
  4. How do they buy from you?

Our product has helped 60 year old man to look like they are in their forties, and all of them have regained their confidence in their social lives. We are so grateful to our customers who have shared their experience with our products, and you can view the testimonials here.

Our customers who want to know more about our product can contact us at …

We will deliver our products right at our customers’ doorstep.

Our customer would have to provide their billing information, and we will only charge them on our second delivery of our products to them.

So there you have it, the 6 simple questions to get to know your customers better. It can’t be as simple as this.

How to understand your customers without spending a single dime on Marketing Research

  1. Interview your existing Customers
  2. Read reviews of your own products, as well as reviews of your competitors (You are looking for problems that customers face, and complaint on the products)
  3. Join Forums that relates to your niche, read customers post, and communicate with people in the forum (Note that your purpose is to dig information of your customers and not to sell your products)
  4. Send out online surveys to your existing customers
  5. Join related Social Media groups and communicate with people in the group

Time to Craft your Sales Offer

Do you see your sales offer coming alive after the above exercise?

Now that you have selected the type of offer(s) you want to use for your sales offer, and you have a great deal of knowledge about your customers from the exercise above, you are now equipped with sufficient information to craft your sales offer.

Remember, your sales offer is just spelling out, in a few paragraphs, exactly everything (Benefits, Deliverable, Bonuses and the price) your customers are getting.

>[Download a sample sales offer]

Once you have crafted your sales offer, let’s move on to build your sales page.

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